Set of 3 Birdcage Nesters for Native Birds


A unique gift for a gardener who wishes to provide native birds with nesting material.
**Set of 3 nesters in brown box suitable for gifting.

These little cages hold llama fibre for native birds to gather for their nest building.
*Measuring approximately 2" x 3.5", each comes with twine to hang in your location of choice.

The fibre is picked/ opened so that the birds can easily remove the strands that they require. Once they have found the nester, they tend to return often.

My llama fibre bird nesters contain fibre from our llamas. The fibre is unwashed and may contain small amounts of debris that has remained in the fibre. This is very attractive to the birds as it is in it's natural state, only altered to make it easier for the birds to gather.

Refill packs are available.