Box of 200 Handmade Recycled Paper Cards - Blank 2x3"


200 Handmade  Recycled Paper Cards

Perfect as a hand stamped or letterpress business card or tag. Ideal florist's card, wedding or birthday table place cards, funeral attendance card etc..

-Each card measures approximately 5 x 8cm. (2 x 3 inches)
-This box is mixed and each box varies. Some cards will be thicker than others.
-Each card is original and unique and has a strong stamping and writing surface.
-The paper is textured on one side and flat pressed on the other.
-The cards are made from recycled paper, many will have botanicals throughout.
-The box contents will alter from box to box.
-Whenever I make a new vat of pulp I make more cards to add to these mixed boxes.

The cards are hand-formed with a timber mould and deckle. Once formed, they are sun and air dried.

*** The stamp used in the photo is from Etsy store, Creatiate.