6x4" Llama Poo Paper Letter Set - No. 9


6 x Handmade recycled writing sheets with sanitised llama poo, embossed in the bottom left corner.

4 x Hand stamped plain brown envelopes.

Each paper sheet measures approximately 6 x 4" (15 x 10cm).

Envelopes measure 16 x 11.5cm.

The paper is textured on one side and flat pressed on the other for writing.

My handmade Llama Poo Paper is created by combining sanitised llama manure with recycled paper. Paper sheets are unique and hand formed with a traditional timber mold and deckle, then hand torn to size. These paper sheets will have a combination of deckle and torn edges.

Letter sets with A5 sized paper and 5 x 7" paper are also available