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6 x House Plant Pamper Packs - a unique gift for an indoor plant lover, dial a plant addition or potted plant green thumb.

Llama manure is an excellent choice for indoor plants as it is almost odorless, rich in nitrogen and renowned as being one of the best organic fertilizers in the world.

**Each little tin measures 2.5 x 3.75" (approx 6 x 9.5cm) and contains:

1 x 15g tea bag filled with sun-dried, crushed llama manure

1 x usage instructions.

**The labels on the tin are made from my handmade recycled paper and the photos show some examples of the packaging of this pack. I try to make each pack different and use a range of colours in packaging. The tins may have some imperfections and indentations as they are repurposed to make these kits.

This kit will give any indoor plant a pampering when it is added to the top of the planter. When the plant is watered, and the tea bag becomes wet, the manure will seep into the soil slowly in the form of liquid fertilizer. (Alternatively, it can be put in water and the 'manure tea' brewed, can be applied directly to the plant.)The ultimate treat for any indoor plant!

How do make the tea bags?

With thanks to our llamas, I collect the manure from the paddocks and take it to an area to be dried in the sun.

Once the manure has dried, it is shoveled through a vintage hammer mill to be crushed. Once the manure is crushed, I fill the tea bags by hand. It is fiddly and a time consuming process, but I think that these packs make a unique gift that might just create an awesome smile and possibly some laughter too!