Set of 3 Bird Nesting Fiber Hot Air Balloons


This listing is for 3 x llama fibre bird nesters in a box suitable for gifting, with information about how to use the nesters.

Each nester measures approximately is 5.5cm x 10cm (2.25 x 4"), and comes with twine to hang in your location of choice.

The little nesters are filled with warm and water repellent llama fibre.
**There will be 3 different coloured fibre nesters in each box.

The colours I choose from are:
*Black/Dark Grey

A lovely way to encourage children to engage with their natural world and participate in caring for birds that share our environment.

Refill packs are available.

The fibre is tumbled to remove as much debris as possible and then hand opened with a wool picker to ensure the birds can remove the fibre easily.
Llama fibre bird nesters contain llama fibre from the llamas of Fox Hill. Fox Hill is my small family run llama stud situated in beautiful Marradong Country, Western Australia.

Please note that due to the raw state of the fibre, this product may contain small amounts of vegetable matter.