XL Bird Nester, Alpaca Fibre. Nesting Material to Attract Native Birds to your Garden, Mother's Day Gift, Nature Play, Eco Garden, Yard Idea


Extra Large Native bird nester filled with warm and cosy alpaca fibre and twigs supplied to use as perches.

Approximately 13 x 34cm with small door to refill fibre.

Available in 3 fibre colour mixes as in the photos.

The nester is packed full of partly processed fibre. This fibre has been chosen so that the birds can easily remove the material that they require. Once they have found the nester, they tend to return often.

The metal holder has been re-purposed and is made of powder-coated metal.

*The holders are not in perfect condition with some paint scuff marks from previous in-store display, but are perfect for the purpose of holding nesting material.

My alpaca fibre bird nesters contain fibre from Western Australian alpacas. The fibre is unwashed and will contain small amounts of debris that has remained in the fibre. This is very attractive to the birds as it is in it's natural state, altered only to remove excess debris and to make it easier for the birds to gather.

A lovely gift for a gardener who wishes to attract native birds.

Perfect to hang outside a sitting room window, waiting room or convalescent home

For more information on the story of how our nesters came to be - http://foxhillllamas.wix.com/foxhill#!lifestyle/c14ak

Please contact me if you live outside Australia for this item and I shall cost shipping for you.