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SAMPLE of 20 Blank Handmade Recycled Business Cards with LLAMA POO and Deckle Edges

*Each card has a strong stamping and writing surface.

*The cards are handmade and each has a deckle edge.

*They are sturdy and hold ink well.

Cards measure approximately 5 x 8cm ( 2" x 3").

*Best printing methods include stamping and letterpress printing.

To see an example of one of the cards with letterpress printing:

Throughout the year as the llama's diet alters between grasses and hay, the cards can alter slightly in their texture and colour.

There will be some variance of thickness between the cards.

Handmade Llama Poo Paper is created by combining sanitised llama manure with recycled paper. Each card is unique and hand formed with a specially sized mold and deckle and is sure to create interesting conversation. :)