Llama Enchantment Dust. Funny / Novelty Gift


Are you feeling as though you could be more enchanting?

We have the solution..

1 vial of Llama Enchantment Dust measuring 2 x 5cm.

The little labels on these vials are made from handmade recycled paper with llama fibre.

At Fox Hill, our llamas are entirely enchanting and they are completely covered in this rich dust!

They can't go anywhere without enchanting comments.

Beware, as the dust is extremely powerful and the cork should always stay intact. Once you open the vial the dust will cover everything. There will be no return from the effects of enchantment that follow.

Reversing this (cleaning this) will be impossible!!! Handle with extreme care!!

Special product of Fox Hill in Western Australia, with extremely limited vials available.

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