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Dryer Balls, pack of 4 Llama Fibre, Large, Fabric Softener Alternative, Environmentally friendly laundry, clothes drying solution.


Adding natural fibre dryer balls to your dryer is intended reduce your laundry drying time by up to 20 - 30% and aid in the reduction of static.

Llama Fibre Dryer Balls contain only llama fibre and are a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to fabric softener or dryer sheets.

The dryer balls are hand felted and reusable.

Scent with your favourite essential oils to add fragrance to your clothes.

This listing is for a pack of 4 large dryer balls. (Tennis ball for scale)

Our llama fibre is grown by our own llamas. We are situated in beautiful Marradong Country, Western Australia.

** Please note that while the fibre has been tumbled, picked and carded to remove debris, it is possible that some still remains in the fibre.

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