Box of Handmade Recycled Paper with Llama Poo - 100 Sheets, Hand Torn and Deckle Edges


**Please note this item is made to order and will ship within one week**

Box of 100 sheets of hand torn, handmade recycled paper with sanitised llama poo.

Each sheet measures approximately 15 x 9.5cm (3.75 x 6").

The box will contain paper in varied thicknesses and from different batches. Each batch of paper differs in tone and texture and alters as the llamas' diet changes throught the year. The sheets will have a combination of torn and deckle edges.

The paper is textured on one side and flat pressed on the other for writing, stamping, letterpress etc..

Handmade Llama Poo Paper is created by combining sanitised llama manure with recycled paper. The paper is unique and hand formed with a mold and deckle. Once dry, the paper is scored by hand and torn to create the paper for the box. This paper is sure to create interesting conversation.

Llama manure is sourced from the llamas of Fox Hill. Fox Hill is our small family run llama stud situated in beautiful Marradong Country, Western Australia.