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Welcome native birds to your garden at nesting time, and provide them with a warm and truly natural material for their nest building. A beautiful and supportive addition to your garden for our feathered friends. Enjoy watching visiting birds gatehr fibre as they work at building their nests.

These little lanterns are filled with warm and water repellent llama fibre.

Measuring approximately 8 x 16.5cm, the nester will come with twine to hang in your location of choice.

Our llama fibre bird nesters contain llama hair from the llamas of Fox Hill. Fox Hill is a small family run llama stud situated in beautiful Marradong Country, Western Australia. After shearing, the hair left over from our fiber processing is collected, hand opened with a picker and used to make these unique bird friendly gifts.

Refill packs are available:

Please note that due to the raw state of the llama fibre, this product may contain small amounts of vegetable matter.

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