Authentic Alpaca Felt Rug / Mat, Black


Thick and strong black 100% alpaca felt rug.

This rug measures approximately 150 x 68cm.

An authentic and eco- friendly option.

This rug has been tightly felted from fleece provided by a local alpaca.

Alpaca fibre is extremely light weight and very warm.

The fibre is felted with wet felting method to create this rug.

There will be thicker and thinner areas of felt due to the rug being handmade.

Much time and care has been taken removing debris from the fleece, but please don't be surprised if you find an odd piece still remaining.

The best part about felt is that the fibre is sourced through shearing.This means that the animal is unharmed and will provide another fleece next year!

No interest payment terms are available on this item. Please contact me if you would like to use this option.


Vacuum without brush attachment.


Gentle hand wash with mild low sud detergent in luke warm water or spot clean and dry flat in the sun.

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