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6 Mini Seagrass Cards with Envelopes


6 Handmade Cards with Envelopes, Gift Card Set, Gift Cards, Calling Cards, Florist's card, Attendance Cards, Escort Cards, Seagrass

**6 recycled paper cards with seagrass, deckle edge with plain envelopes.

*Each card measures approximately 8 x 5cm. (3 x 2 inches), envelopes are approximately 9.3 x 6.3cm.

*The paper is textured on one side and flat pressed on the other.

*The cards are made from recycled paper, with seagrass throughout.

*There will be some variance of thickness between cards due to the handmade process.

*The cards will have a deckle edge

The cards are hand-formed with a timber mould and deckle. Once formed, they are sun and air dried. The seagrass is collected from Fremantle beach once it has washed ashore.